Langenfelder Pyramide, Battson Musicbox, Skyline Düsseldorf
Blume im Garten, Wald zwischen Monheim und Düsseldorf
You have reached the humble online home of the Battsons. If you were searching for German families that bear this name your search is now over. Rest assured: We are the only ones in Germany!
And "we" are: Peter & Helene and their two sons Tobias & Jeremy.

The family in general has a somewhat sceptical approach to self-presentation on the internet, thus you will not find much more information about the German Battsons here.

However, there is one member of the family who is very active on the net. You are welcome to check out his websites which include a legendary weblog where he comments on news, media and personal matters.
Sonnenuntergang Leverkusen, Düsseldorf
Wald zwischen Baumberg und Urdenbach, Doormouse Harrods, Disco Köln, Sonnenuntergang Düsseldorf